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JenniferandRose.com is a design studio offering bright, positive prints and gifts.

As well as the products you see, I offer Instagram design packages, branding packages, 

 Dog Pawtraits™,  seamless pattern design and bespoke.


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Hi, I'm Jennifer


I’m Jennifer and I'm the designer at JenniferandRose.com


Originally from Glasgow, I moved to London to be a Fashion Designer

and have been for the last 8+ years now. I love it and it's given me

invaluable experience working with well known, high street brands.


I started JenniferandRose.com during the 2nd lockdown. After going

through a difficult time when I first moved to London, I always looked for

little quotes and positive little pick me ups to help me through. I thought this

would be a great way to help not only myself but anyone else who was

struggling, so JenniferandRose.com was born. 


The core values of the brand are positive, uplifting products with an eco

conscious ethos. 

We want to assure you, we do our best to reduce our plastic usage and

have sourced some lovely eco conscious packaging. We are always

looking to improve but we have made a good start as small changes make

a big difference. 


Take time to browse and enjoy looking through our products and services.


Jenn x